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The History

The Clan Gordon Highlanders Pipe Band traces its illustrious origins back to the year 1971 when two distinguished Scotsmen hailing from Glasgow, namely Jim Somerville and Bobby Benton, embarked on an extraordinary musical journey. Mr. Somerville, an esteemed former Sergeant Major in the Royal Marines, and Mr. Benton, the esteemed Chief of Clan Gordon in New York, shared an unwavering commitment to their Scottish heritage, an affinity that would soon capture the hearts and ears of many.

Their profound Scottish pride beckoned the attention of the talented piper Andrew McDicken, himself a proud Glaswegian. Under the inspired leadership of Mr. Somerville as the drum major and Mr. Benton, who lent his rhythmic prowess to the tenor drum, the nascent band experienced rapid growth and acclaim. Eventually, as Clan Gordon of New York, which stood as the 227th clan under the banner of The Order of Scottish Clans, dissolved, the pipe band emerged as an independent entity, a status it maintains to this day.

Under the vigilant and skilled tutelage of Pipe Major Andrew McDicken, the band flourished, amassing an impressive roster of over 35 dedicated members. Out of profound respect for the rich legacy of highland regiments and the prominent presence of Gordon clansmen within the band's founding ranks, the band has steadfastly retained the title "Clan Gordon Highlanders Pipe Band." This appellation serves as a lasting homage to their esteemed roots and unwavering commitment to preserving and sharing the musical traditions of Scotland.

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