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The Clan Gordon Highlanders Pipe Band was started in 1971 by two Scotsmen from Glasgow, Jim Somerville and Bobby Benton. Mr. Somerville had been a Sergeant Major in the Royal Marines and Mr. Benton was the Chief of Clan Gordon in New York.

Scottish pride ran deep in both men and attracted the attention of piper Andrew McDicken, also of Glasgow. With Mr. Somerville as drum major and Mr. Benton on the tenor drum, the band grew quickly. Eventually, Clan Gordon of New York, the 227th clan formed under the banner of The Order of Scottish Clans, ceased to exist and the pipe band became an independent organization as it remains today.

The band remained under the tutelage and direction of Pipe Major Andrew McDicken who watched the band grow to a roster of over 35 members. Out of respect for the original highland regiment and the predominance of Gordon clansmen in the original band, the band's title has always had the word Clan in front of it.

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